Van Gogh at 17

…”the forehead already full of lines, the eyebrows on the large, noble brow drawn together in deepest thought.  The eye, small and deep-set, were now blue, now green, according to the impressions of the moment.  But in spite of all the awkwardness and the ugly exterior, one was conscious of a greatness, through the unmistakable sign of the deep inner life” (pg 4, Personal Recollections of Vincent Van Gogh, Elisabeth Huberta (sister).

“A Pair of Shoes” 1886

Even though Van Gogh is considered to be one of the greatest artists of his era, it wasn’t always so.  A lot of people thought that his work wasn’t even art.  Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime and that was to his brother Theo’s wife’s acknowledgement.

But how many paintings did Van Gogh paint?  Let’s just say a whole lot for now.  No one believed in him, but did that stop him from doing what his heart, mind, and integrity told him to do?  No, of course not because if he had just simply given up the world would never have come to know his work, his life, and the reflection of life through another wide encompassing perspective.

Van Gogh’s work attracts so many perhaps because of its relatable nature.  Aside from the suggestion, ethos, that this is a VAN GOGH painting, I personally found myself drawn back into his work.  (I’ll post a link here when I cover this topic later!)

While something may not be immensely popular with the present crowd, if you’re drawn to it like no other, then take don’t take the chance that not following what you love won’t hurt who you are and could be in the future.  Take the safe route I guess is what I’m trying to say (which is also the most dangerous route in a way), and that route is basically following who you are.  Van Gogh grew into the artist that was himself and so must everyone else grow into what we already are and could be with what we love.

Stay true to yourself and the rest should fall into place that way you, and others around you will come to see as a truly wonderful and inspiring life.


500 Days of Van Gogh

While I could go on and on about my life and my interpretations of it, I’ve decided there’s a better way to express myself to all of you out there on the web. My passions are writing at the foremost because it allows me to communicate with others in a wonderous manner, but I’m also passionate about: art, music, martial arts, literature, poetry, and human rights.

So to finish off this summer I’ve chosen to write about one of my passions. It’ll be like a blog update everyday, but about art. I’ll cover mostly on Van Gogh, but there’ll be some days when one really has to take the tangent and just run with it. How does that sound? I’ve seen others do something like this. Some do photography, painting, or daily quotes.

For anyone who’s interested or for anyone who believes that art can only be appreciated by an artist, I say with relative confidence that everyone is an artist. The only disagreement between us might well be pretty much based in the world of semantics.  Let’s see shall we? 🙂

Lack of a formal daily post, in place for some History

Senator Wendy Davis

Senator Wendy Davis
Texas Senate

I apologize for not posting formally today.  Last night and early morning I was somehow distracted from my usually midnight reverie reserved for writing by a name being chanted over the web and the around the country.  Over and over and over again I heard: “Wendy Davis! Stand With Wendy!” Now, I’m not one for politics and prickly filibusters in the U.S. government…especially the government.  But last night was an exception.

An exception for an exceptional woman.
Learn more here: **

Standing without reprieve for over 11 hours Texas Senator Wendy Davis’ poise put my self-proclaimed integrity into a state of relative awe.  She knows her stuff and hearing her speak while I made checklists for college and updated a twitter feed (new as of yesterday:  @Keys2Changeblog) her voice gave way to confidence and soon it was not only her voice that I could hear, but thousands of others chiming along with hers.

Woman or Man, Democrat or Republican, when someone stands up to an entire room of officials sitting in their own mindset and confirmatory bias, interrupting her repeatedly and without end, the highest respect is due to be paid.  If anyone stands for what change and justice is about, Senator Wendy Davis is perhaps the epitome for what a hero can be if their only willing to put themself out there, and try.

However, like all battles and human minds, the process of permanent change creeps through for both good and bad.  The debate, in this case, has only begun.

What do you think of the Texas filibuster?

What do you think of the rules debated, and why or why not are they important?

(**I found this link as an afterthought if there are anymore questions, remember: think for yourself and research for yourself)

Holding onto the Infinite


How can we make life a work of art?


Sometimes I wonder what’s out there.

In general sure we can say space, the cosmos, even a God. But what can we hold onto that won’t hold us back? Say we use an example of public transportation. I’ve recently come back from a two week trip to Europe (super fun). The London Tube is well kept and runs on time. Stepping onto the train you bump up against some people. You take a glance at all those in the train; they take a glance at you. When the train starts to move you quickly look for something to grab. Let’s hope in this case that it’s a pole or hanging bar because grabbing someone’s arm or coat tail puts both characters in a rather uncomfortable position (trust me). The speakers announce in that annoying unintelligible crackle the next stop and a few people get off. At the next stop a few more exit the train, however at each stop when others step off the train you don’t leave.

You’re holding onto the pole moving from station to station, going somewhere but nowhere all at once, never leaving and never letting go.

Speaking from the perspective of a young adult I feel this pressure to “find myself.” But that sounds so finite doesn’t it? I wouldn’t call it a victory if I ever ran across the entirety of myself in the future.

The story of your life is who you are.

You may find some preferences, a lover or two along the way, and I do advise that you hold onto medical information as that is important 🙂 but otherwise take life as it comes. Hold onto the infinite: love, hope, peace. Make a change here and there because nothing is finite. Not even yourself.

After you die the steps that you’ve made, the path that you’ve blazed is now open for others to cross. If you have to hold onto something, don’t make it the permanent and complacent train ride, take the long way around, hold onto the infinite, and see what happens.


^^ ok how hippie did that sound? but seriously let’s not settle down just yet 🙂



Love is hard to imagine,

but once felt it is impossible to forget.

There ceases judgement across the threshold,

the place where beginnings and endings come to rest.

Love’s light flowing into infinity.

The soul’s own firelight burns bright with the extending tendrils of this perfect gift.

The rings of light growing ever wider to encompass the surrounding hearts.

Clear, warm, air comforts the confidence and softens the barrier of lonliness.

Enter into a peaceful

and unconditional Love.