Lack of a formal daily post, in place for some History

Senator Wendy Davis

Senator Wendy Davis
Texas Senate

I apologize for not posting formally today.  Last night and early morning I was somehow distracted from my usually midnight reverie reserved for writing by a name being chanted over the web and the around the country.  Over and over and over again I heard: “Wendy Davis! Stand With Wendy!” Now, I’m not one for politics and prickly filibusters in the U.S. government…especially the government.  But last night was an exception.

An exception for an exceptional woman.
Learn more here: **

Standing without reprieve for over 11 hours Texas Senator Wendy Davis’ poise put my self-proclaimed integrity into a state of relative awe.  She knows her stuff and hearing her speak while I made checklists for college and updated a twitter feed (new as of yesterday:  @Keys2Changeblog) her voice gave way to confidence and soon it was not only her voice that I could hear, but thousands of others chiming along with hers.

Woman or Man, Democrat or Republican, when someone stands up to an entire room of officials sitting in their own mindset and confirmatory bias, interrupting her repeatedly and without end, the highest respect is due to be paid.  If anyone stands for what change and justice is about, Senator Wendy Davis is perhaps the epitome for what a hero can be if their only willing to put themself out there, and try.

However, like all battles and human minds, the process of permanent change creeps through for both good and bad.  The debate, in this case, has only begun.

What do you think of the Texas filibuster?

What do you think of the rules debated, and why or why not are they important?

(**I found this link as an afterthought if there are anymore questions, remember: think for yourself and research for yourself)


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