500 Days of Van Gogh

While I could go on and on about my life and my interpretations of it, I’ve decided there’s a better way to express myself to all of you out there on the web. My passions are writing at the foremost because it allows me to communicate with others in a wonderous manner, but I’m also passionate about: art, music, martial arts, literature, poetry, and human rights.

So to finish off this summer I’ve chosen to write about one of my passions. It’ll be like a blog update everyday, but about art. I’ll cover mostly on Van Gogh, but there’ll be some days when one really has to take the tangent and just run with it. How does that sound? I’ve seen others do something like this. Some do photography, painting, or daily quotes.

For anyone who’s interested or for anyone who believes that art can only be appreciated by an artist, I say with relative confidence that everyone is an artist. The only disagreement between us might well be pretty much based in the world of semantics.  Let’s see shall we? 🙂


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