Van Gogh at 17

…”the forehead already full of lines, the eyebrows on the large, noble brow drawn together in deepest thought.  The eye, small and deep-set, were now blue, now green, according to the impressions of the moment.  But in spite of all the awkwardness and the ugly exterior, one was conscious of a greatness, through the unmistakable sign of the deep inner life” (pg 4, Personal Recollections of Vincent Van Gogh, Elisabeth Huberta (sister).

“A Pair of Shoes” 1886

Even though Van Gogh is considered to be one of the greatest artists of his era, it wasn’t always so.  A lot of people thought that his work wasn’t even art.  Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime and that was to his brother Theo’s wife’s acknowledgement.

But how many paintings did Van Gogh paint?  Let’s just say a whole lot for now.  No one believed in him, but did that stop him from doing what his heart, mind, and integrity told him to do?  No, of course not because if he had just simply given up the world would never have come to know his work, his life, and the reflection of life through another wide encompassing perspective.

Van Gogh’s work attracts so many perhaps because of its relatable nature.  Aside from the suggestion, ethos, that this is a VAN GOGH painting, I personally found myself drawn back into his work.  (I’ll post a link here when I cover this topic later!)

While something may not be immensely popular with the present crowd, if you’re drawn to it like no other, then take don’t take the chance that not following what you love won’t hurt who you are and could be in the future.  Take the safe route I guess is what I’m trying to say (which is also the most dangerous route in a way), and that route is basically following who you are.  Van Gogh grew into the artist that was himself and so must everyone else grow into what we already are and could be with what we love.

Stay true to yourself and the rest should fall into place that way you, and others around you will come to see as a truly wonderful and inspiring life.


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