Fireworks! and exam results…

headdesk            Exam results are in…*headdesk*

My exam scores came in today (also Happy late 4th of July to anyone!). Overall, the result was positive and I am awarded a diploma. However, has it ever just bugged you that even though you succeeded at accomplishing something, the way that it happened wasn’t really how you wanted it to be?

At first, upon reading that my English scores were not as high as I would have liked, I questioned whether or not I should keep writing as something serious.  After thinking about it for a while, and, when I say “a while” I mean a 3 hour movie marathon, I figured that if I could suck this much now, then imagine how much better I could become in the future.

Really? Yes, really.

Sometimes the difference in how others see you and your work is by how much you believe in the work that you create.  Follow what is right, but make sure that you are able to declare that you are proud of it too.

All I want to say though, is that grades are a good motivator, but they are not everything that makes you, You.

So continue writing, reading, and doing what you love 🙂

P.s. Congratulations to anyone who made it through the IB programme, you guys deserve a trophy no matter what.


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