1920s Murder Mystery: Round 1 of Clues

Here is the first round of clues to the murder mystery game! See the first post about it here!


Round 1:

Elizabeth Kingsley: A few days prior, Mrs. Kingsley had taken the car to pick up Robert from the train station. On their way home Elizabeth insisted on driving herself, not willing to give up some freedom. However, she lost control of the wheel over a patch of ice, sending the car spinning into a bank of snow. Neither she nor Robert were injured but the same could not be said for the car. The repairs and expenses caused quite a tiff between the two and it was only up until today that she and Robert were on speaking terms.

Alberto Malone: Robert met Alberto, a free easy-going guy that didn’t seem to mind drawing attention to himself and to other who were around him, while lost in the city once. He had lost his way. Also known as Swingin’ Al, Alberto arrived at the separate invitations of Elizabeth and Robert with the intent of collecting Robert’s initiation fee for joining the speakeasy downtown.

Mrs. Valentina Mendobale: Mrs. Mendobale was feeling lonely that evening and gladly, although stuffily, accepted Elizabeth’s invite. She figured it wasn’t going to be much of a party and decided to bring Mr. Snuffles along too. She never cared for Robert, and figured that this might be the perfect opportunity to expose him to for what he was to his poor wife. If it had to be done that is, there might be something in it for her. Blackmail.

John Torrio: John had been called in by Elizabeth to service her car that morning and begrudgingly drove to the apartment only to be trapped there by the snowstorm. As it the holiday season, John has a full schedule and would rather spend his free time with his family. He had plans to go to another family dinner party that day and is anxiously waiting for the storm to let up a little bit. Robert invited him to the party and arrived at the penthouse with Al, Joe, and Lacy.

Joseph Jamison : As an ex-sergeant in the United States army Joe has successfully lost the pass code to his bank account which holds all of his savings. In the meantime, he resides in a cardboard box which recently has begun to leak a bit with the winter season. He met Robert during the war and the two quickly became fast friends until today when he pulled Robert aside into the dining room to ask for payment on a loan made long ago to which Robert naturally refused. Joe admitted that he has a slight gambling problem. Although illegal, Joe went to a speakeasy one night out of curiosity. He drank a little too much wine and now owes the owner a significant sum of $30.

Lacy Woods: Lacy Woods was born in the quiet suburbs of Illinois. She attended an all-girls Catholic school and was destined to become a nun as predetermined by her parents. However, when the 20s hit, a wave of short dresses, dancing, illegal alcohol, liberal ideas, and parties swept Lacy off her feet. She left home and made her way to the big city where she befriended Alberto Malone. Together they picked up Robert who was seeking an escape from settled life. Renaming herself as “Stardust” for the masses, Lacy is currently training to be a professional Charleston dancer and bartender at the speakeasy downtown. She still doesn’t know who she works for.


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