Puppies: The Devastation of Cute

Okay so I know this blog deals mainly with the arts but I’m going to pause for a moment to say: We got a puppy!!!

A few days ago I was finishing up some work at the library and compensating to myself that the little amount of work I actually accomplished was pretty good.  My mom was also with me.  We’re tying to spend some time together before I disembark for college.

“Let’s go into the pet store,” she says as we are walking out.

“What?” I’m surprised.  Our dog had just recently died not four moths past and I wasn’t sure I could focus on, or even handle a new puppy.

She was already half-way to the door by then and called back, “come on let’s just take a look.” I sighed and followed her inside.

Once we stepped inside the dogs began to rustle in their cages as did the barking.  I still wasn’t so sure and hung back a bit.  But the moment the lady in the store let us hold the first puppy, I knew there was no hope to fight it.  I gave in and a few days gone by, I’m absolutely in love with our new puppy.

She prances around the room, whimpers with excitement when you come in, and flops and wriggles as she tries to lick your face all over.  I still miss our first dog terribly but Phoebe, our puppy, doesn’t know anything about that, and when she looks at you with those teddy bear eyes you feel, yeah I think I can find love for this one too.

Hopefully next week I’ll find some time away from college to post the regular art topics.  Have you ever dreamed of a walking with a legend?  I have and I’d love to share it with you: A Walk with Van Gogh (I’ll attach a link to this when I get the post up).

Have a splendid week and remember to keep your heart open to new experiences! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Puppies: The Devastation of Cute

  1. How could you post all about a puppy but not have any pictures? Just kidding, lol, but I would love to see some more! I’m sure that Phoebe will bring a lot of joy into your home 🙂

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