1920s Murder Mystery: Characters

I thought it might be helpful to have a list of characters as a reference point.  It was an awful lot of fun making up these characters.
(When I played with my friends I filled the role of Sergeant Joseph Jamison.) Have fun!

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Elizabeth Kingsley: Wealthy Conservative

Costume: Elegant ball gown, large fancy hat, classy jewelry

Props: long gloves, handbag


Swingin’ Alberto Malone: Gangster/ speakeasy owner

Costume: zoot suit, spats

Props: black gloves, water gun (sans water)


Señora Valentina Mendobale: Neighbor 

Costume: classy blouse, classy shoes, classy everything

Props: cat, sunglasses, wallet


John Torrio: Factory/ auto mechanic worker

Costume: jeans, checkered button up shirt, hat

Props: bicycle pump, work gloves


Sergeant Joseph Jamison: War veteran

Costume: dress slacks, white shirt, military badges

Props: hobo gloves, pocket watch, cardboard box


 Miss Lacy “Stardust” Woods: Flapper

Costume: flapper dress, feathered headband, tights

Props: gloves, handbag, bottles


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