1920s Murder Mystery: Round 2 of Clues

 Second round of clues are here!

Setting and Story 
Round One of Clues

Round 2

Elizabeth: In a fit of anger and grief, Elizabeth wheels on Lacy accusing her to cheating with Robert.  The past few weeks after his return, Robert had been going out without reason and Elizabeth suspected something terrible of her husband, who knows what the war did to his morals.  Lacy says nothing, also shocked and too frightened to tell the truth.


Alberto: Al comes to Lacy’s rescue and reveals that Robert had been looking for an escape ever since the war.  He and Robert crossed paths one evening, both of them implicated if Elizabeth found out, and agreed to keep their nights out a secret.  Lacy had been there with them through all of this.  Robert still hasn’t paid the initiation fee yet, and now it looked like he never would.  Al sulked with Lacy after a while both of them whispering together in earnest, a concerned expression written on their faces.


Mendobale: Mrs. Mendobale smacks her red lips together and announces that if there should be no party, she might as well go home.  The other group members hold her down and in the high point of the struggle a small bottle of gin rolls out from her handbag.  The group freezes and Mrs. Mendobale faints yet again at the sight.


John: John, gathering his wits about him looks at the body of Robert Kingsley lying on the floor.  “Is that what I think it is?” he proclaims loudly in a startled voice.  He points at a shattered wine bottle, the purple juice mixing with the already coagulating pool of blood.  Indeed it is a wine bottle and it has the lipstick stain of a woman’s cherry red lipstick on the rim.


Joe: Robert and Joe went back all the way to recruitment.  Although they were from opposite ends of the social hierarchy, they became good friends.  Joe had even lent Robert $5 in the barracks once when Elizabeth had spent up her weekly allowance on new gloves.  He is upset that Robert refuses to pay him back now.  Their argument escalated quickly and Joe almost felt like throwing Robert off the balcony.


Lacy: Lacy is still shaken from being accused of cheating with Robert and remains sullen throughout the conversing.  She suddenly stands up at one point and searches behind the trash can in the lobby.  After she returns, she whispers something to Al and both of them fall silent.


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