1920s Murder Mystery: Round 3 of Clues

Round 3 is finally here! Heads up, Lacy doesn’t have a clue in this round. Sorry :p

Setting and Story
Round 1 of Clues
Round 2 of Clues


Round 3:


Elizabeth: While the Kingsley household appeared to be at peace, it was indeed not.  Lurking beneath the thin veneer of civility lay a writhing snake of anger and malcontent.  Elizabeth and Robert were not getting along very well.  Ever since the car accident Robert had been acting flustered about every expense that Elizabeth racked up.  Of course these were necessary expenses.  To show Robert just how necessary they really were, she decided to throw him party.  This put him over the edge and hours before the guests arrived they had been fighting so intensely that Elizabeth almost didn’t hear the phone call from Al.


Alberto: It is revealed to the “party” group that Al is in fact a low ranking gangster who owns a speakeasy downtown.  He, like Lacy, doesn’t know who he works for and believes it to be the Chicago Outfit.  This was the largest gang association in the state and had a bad reputation for smuggling in alcohol among other things.


Mendobale: Mrs. Mendobale had been taking a precursor nap to the party that evening when she was awakened by Robert and Elizabeth’s fighting.  She poked her head out of her apartment door just in time to see Joe trudging up the stairs trailing dirt with his cardboard box.  He was muttering about the posh lifestyle of Robert.  Mrs. Mendobale thought this rather rude of Joe since Robert had invited him to see his high-end apartment.  It was a privilege no less.


John: John signed for the food delivery which had come unexpectedly early.  He remembers seeing Robert watch him as he placed the boxes by the Kingsley’s totaled car.  He had already been invited to dinner by then, so thought nothing of it, and took the elevator upstairs to join the party.  


Joe: As a side note, Joe brings up the order in which the guests had arrived with the food.  He can only remember a few people however and offers up this information: Lacy had come up first, and then maybe Al was last or second to last? He can’t quite remember.  Joe came up right after Lacy.



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