There is None Like Her

She wears silk made from fabric as light as air
Butterflies adorn her long flowing hair as
they dance around her elegant gossamer wings.

I sit and stare as her beauty envelopes
the heavens and my heart.

She looks up at me with her lovely eyes and
smiles with all the radiance of the sun.

There is none like her with the grace and peace her
aura brings to fill my heart, my mind, with joy
so abundant that I may rush to her side forevermore.

She reaches out her graceful hand, and
with sylphlike loveliness takes me away.

The veils of my dream lift from my heart, and
I feel this sense of freedom.
Yet it is all a wish, a glimmer of a hope to come
but stayed at the entrance.

Perhaps one day this enchanting dream
shall come to take me away.



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