What Dreams are These?

Lead me away into the stars to dance
among the planets and sing with the comets.
Riding upon a ball of fire,
I am able to see galaxies filled with creatures of myth.

Swirling stars beneath my feet
I lift off and join the merry.
I dance with the nymphs and play along with the muses.
Minotaur provide excitement
and there is laughter.

But it’s time to go.
On a falling star I say goodbye.
My friends say their farewells too
with planets and comets that collide
together causing an explosion with a sound so magnificent
that it still flows over my ears like in droplets of a great symphony.

Slowly, the star falls until I feel my feet alight on a branch.
Birds sing their melody to the rising sun.
And I know that home is near.


I just found this poem today.  It was archived in my documents folder from long ago.  The dream as I call it in the poem was more of a daydream in reality.


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