A Succession of Love Stories

I will witness a love story today, and the day after, and the day after that. 

I was hanging upside down on my bed looking up at the clouds through a small rectangular framed window.  It was one of those moments where you neither have the ability to focus on other people nor even yourself.  My roommate clicked away at her computer on the other side of the room; in my head I narrated a story to myself.

Outside of the dorm Orientation hustled and bustled.  Down the hallway boxes were being stripped of packaging tape and smiles and shouts of polite, unsure excitement resonated down the hallway.  And I, in my room, finding temporary solitude witnessed a love story.

Above the commotion and burgeoning relationships floated a pair of clouds.  Clouds? Clouds indeed.  The first was of an old man.  Judging by the lack of hair and a well-brushed mustache, I concluded that he was a retired colonel and for our purposes he shall be referred to as Colonel.  He sat in a soft upholstered chair by the fireplace.  However, it was not nighttime and so he must have been seeking some quiet midday peace like me.

Opposite Colonel was the second cloud.  It was a locket.  Inside the locket was a picture of a young woman.  She appeared gently kind and smiled out from the little oval frame.  Colonel must have been missing her greatly for he stared at her picture lovingly.  I’m not sure what he was remembering, but it looked like a happy memory to me.

We stayed like that for a while.  Colonel in his chair, the woman smiling from the locket, and me upside down on my bed.  Soon, the wind began to blow and Colonel’s memory of the woman dissipated into air.

This recalls many references for me and call me crazy the sky is capable of telling stories.  Perhaps it reflects what it sees down here.  Recently I have been studying Romanticism.  I thought that this story related to the movement fairly well.

Here’s something that this story reminds me of:

“This is how I would die into the love I have for you,
as pieces of cloud dissolve in sunlight.” 

~Jelaluddin Rumi, (1207-1273)

With the commencement of college underway I’ve been plunged into classes and the communal nature on campus.   Let me disclaim that although classes will influence my postings, I promise to not make this blog a diary account of my life 😀


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