Call it What You Like: Autumn is Here!

Aspen trees in Colorado!
Aspen trees in Colorado!

Autumn! Fall! Season of changing colors ! Mass insect death! Call it what you like but this is the time of the year in which I and possibly others experience a paradox in regards to the changing of climate and settling down into winter.

Fall has always been an attractive season for me. A break between summer and winter, fall feels almost as though Mother Nature holds the world a little lighter as she shifts it in her hands between the seasons.  The trees are changing color and I can’t wait for that glorious moment when they have all donned orange, fiery red, and light tan attire in an ultimate finale, resplendent and defiant against the coming winter.

I’m pretty far away from Colorado right now, and I can only imagine how the fields aspen trees may look.  I’ve never been a lover of the mountains (did I just say that?).  If they kept their distance, then I of course would keep mine.  However, I guess I just never took the time to simply enjoy their beauty.  While autumn on the east coast is nothing to take for granted, this is the time when I have the fondest memories of home and growing up.

Everything is a blur of dried leaves, crisp air, and my mom’s purple and green winter jacket that she would wear whenever

Almost autumn in Virginia!
Almost autumn in Virginia!

we went out for errands.  After she had finished her to-do list we would often end up near this Mexican restaurant.  Clasping the tails of her coat we would enter in together and sit all the way at the back in our usual corner booth.  From there she would proceed to tell me the same story she always told about the booth.  Before me there were my cousins that she had helped raise.  Every Saturday morning when my cousins were with my mom, they would go to the restaurant, sit in the same booth, eat donuts, and build little houses with the sugar packets on the table.  While I never got donuts (bummer) I am a pro at sugar packet houses and will order an enchilada, three tacos, and a guacamole tostada every time I go.

All that sentimentality aside, I hope to make room for new memories and experiences.  Remember the good times, make way for new ones, and live each day as if it were infinite.  Have a great season! <– aye that was pretty much the point of this post, no more, no less 🙂


P.S. Thanks to Riley at for the Versatile Blogger Award nomination.  It means a lot.  I’ll keep you guys posted!


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