Versatile Blogger Award: Introductions

Thank you Riley!

A gust of words often sum up the postings on this blog and I sincerely appreciate all of you who read them.  This week’s spillage comes with a blessing and a clause.

Thank you so very much to Riley at who has nominated this blog for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Riley’s blog is an inspirational and beautiful creation designed to bring a little joy to others in spite of the circumstances, no matter what.

That is the blessing.  The clause is that for this award one must list 7 interesting facts about herself (or himself). So, I suppose that this post will be a sort of re-introduction.  I think it’s about time.  Alright, here goes!

  1. It has recently been made clear to me that people who need people are, in fact, the luckiest people in the world.  These words sung by Barbara Streisand have finally rung true.  Today as I was falling slowly into a surreal stupor, permeated only by the change in daylight, I grasped around me trying to find a foothold in something, anything.  By grace a classmate spotted me and pulled me out of the blur.  My greatest aspiration is to give people around me hope. 
  2. Spelling is so hard!  I can spell most words but when it comes to doubles and plurals I’m as brilliant as the pumpkin that has lost the enchantment a fairy godmother at the stroke of midnight.  I have recently learned how to spell the following words: tomorrow, occurred, access, referred, trichotillomania, and banana.  Yes, banana.  
  3. I will spend all night lying on the cold, damp grass looking up at the stars as they shine between the mist of my breath in the night air.  Star gazing is a beautiful activity and I love love love it!
  4. I am a perfectionist.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  Everything takes an unbearable amount of time.  As a direct result I procrastinate until the last minute so that I will have no time to go back and redo all my work.  On the upside I’m really good under pressure :p
  5. Art is a gift from Heaven.  I am a lover, admirer, and advocate of art.  Spending three hours learning about the art trade’s evolution after the discoveries of Pompeii and Herculaneum is what a fantastic day looks like for me.  Frida Khalo was one crazy, brilliant, tragic, and amazing woman.  I’ll probably be talking more about her in the future after Van Gogh in my 500 Days of Van Gogh series.
  6. My favorite poet is Rumi.  His words are like an expression of the feelings I have that I cannot express.
  7. Making friends is difficult but I am always on the search for a kindred heart, as Anne of Green Gables would phrase it.

To accept the award, all you have to do is follow these rules:

  1. Display the Versatile Blogger Award on your page.
  2. Tag the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate deserving bloggers.
  4. Let your nominees know you’ve nominated them.
  5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Here are my nominees!

1. Art For Nothing

2. dweinberg415

3. bluebellina


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