1920s Murder Mystery Round 4 of Clues!!!

Round 4 is finally here! John doesn’t have a clue in this round. Sorry :p

I’ll be putting the conclusion up pretty soon! Thanks for your patience!!

Setting and Story
Round 1 of Clues
Round 2 of Clues
Round 3 of Clues

Round 4


Alberto:  “Wait!” cries Al, “there’s something in Robert‘s hand.”  When no one volunteers to touch Robert’s body, Al steps up to pry the piece of paper from Robert’s already stiffening grip.  The note is written in Robert’s handwriting and reads as follows: “Warning: Do not dissolve the brick in a gallon of water.  Do not place the liquid in a jug away in the cupboard for twenty days.  If one does so it will turn into wine.” There is something on the back too, a name?  However, it is smeared and beyond legibility.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth takes a closer look at the note and sees faintly the light resemblance of the letter ‘t’ She looks about the room and wonders who Robert was referring to.

Mendobale: Mrs. Mendobale finally reveals her secret and slowly tells Elizabeth that Robert had taken up gambling.  His finances were in ruin and he had come to her for help and a loan.  When she refused, Robert pleaded with her not to tell his wife.  Naturally, Mrs. Mendobale had to tell Elizabeth and threatened to do so unless he did favors for her such as the grocery shopping, and even a few dollars to gamble and bring back to her.  Ever since his return from the war Robert had been growing steadily more impatient with their arrangement and threatened her with violence.  Mrs. Mendobale then took to carrying a heavy paperweight just in case.

Joe: Al has been looking at John strangely ever since the evening started.  “Hey, don’t I know you?” he says.  John looks about uncomfortably and tries to evade Al’s gaze.  “I’m pretty sure we’ve never met,” he mumbles and adjusts his collar.  While doing so a part of flesh can be seen and Al spots the unmistakable sign of the gangs.  Perhaps he had just gotten out of jail?

Lacy: Lacy breaks down crying into Elizabeth’s shoulder.  She admits to having been the one who was drinking before the party.  She had forgotten to leave the bottle in Al’s Rolls Royce and had stashed it behind the trash bin for later.  When she went to look for it later she had found it missing and suddenly realized that her wine bottle and murder weapon were one in the same.  Crushed and panicked, she engaged Al in her secret and the two worked it out that keeping this a secret would be the best for everyone.  Let’s just say that Al is no longer a part of Elizabeth’s Prohibition Support Group.


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