The End of a Long Hiatus

Did you miss me?  That was the final question asked by a resurrected Moriarty at the end of season 3 of BBC’s Sherlock television show.  Believe me, I have been doing other things with my time other than fulfilling my fandom needs.  But let’s be honest, who isn’t excited for the new Fault in Our Stars movie to premier?

On another, more serious note, the recent delay in postings is a result of trying to edit so many experiences into short, readable blog posts.  It’s still February though, and with that in mind I’ve decided to take on a belated New Year’s resolution!

Starting this Friday, I will give it my best shot to publish a blog post every week.  

Now, whether or not this will actually happen has yet to be seen.  However, looking at my schedule I think taking some time to write down the events of the week will help to absolve some of the stress that has been building lately.

I hope this season has been one of newness and transformation for everyone, and I can’t wait to get started again.  🙂

P.S. As I’ve come to understand, Disney’s Frozen has catapulted itself into mass popularity.  Before the snow melts and the 4th season of Game of Thrones puts me into an emotional induced coma, enjoy this version of Let it Go, in which I think even Idina Menzel might enjoy:


One thought on “The End of a Long Hiatus

  1. Best regards on posting one a week. It’s a challenge sometimes.

    (I’ve been posting a Game of Thrones related article every week, and I’m looking forward to Season Four when I can stop. Since then I’ll be too busy reading everyone’s recaps and analyses.)

    Thanks for sharing the great Frozen version!

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