On Coming Out, Pt. 1

Recently there has been hype about Ellen Page’s coming out speech at the Human Right’s Campaign Foundation’s “Time to Thrive” conference on Valentine’s Day this past Friday.

Standing in front of a crowd of hundreds of people, Page makes several important remarks about the LGBT community in light of the current social trends.  She advocates for the fair treatment of all human beings, her own pain and suffering from “hiding” who she was, and invites others to take part in being a little kinder to one another.

Despite some of the religious backlash against the recent sexual orientation movement, the Human Rights Campaign has taken the responsibility of defending those who do not identify as heterosexual.  The Time to Thrive conference was held on Valentine’s Day this year, and the highlight of this was of course when Ellen Page announced that she is gay.  Not only did she announce this to the people attending the conference, but within minutes social media sites were all commenting and evaluating her decision to come out as gay.

The fact that this happened at a Human Rights Campaign puts the subject of homosexuality in a position that is hard to argue.  All human beings have basic fundamental rights.  The increasingly global society that is taking its form in social media communication, economy, and politics provides a platform in which many social movements are being heard.

What is defined as “normal” has been changed many times over the course of human history.  However, with each declaration of “normal” there will be people who don’t quite fit the bill.  This is not wrong!

No matter how different someone is, it should not redefine their value as a human being.  Diversity is good.  It offers different perspectives, challenging questions about morality, and a social conscience.  It presents us an opportunity to grow and change withing ourselves and as a society.  Even though most of  us thought history class was boring, the people of the past and their actions can teach us lessons for today and for future actions.

While the media and the news may pay more attention to protests, terrible comments, and outspoken attitudes, it is important to acknowledge the silent majority that makes up the United States  This includes the the way in which people express their opinions but don’t need a soapbox to express them.  We could probably take a lesson from Page in her courage to speak in front of millions after taking some time to get to know herself.

Here’s the video of her coming out speech:


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