On Coming Out, Pt. 2

Happy March everyone!  There goes a saying that if the first day of March comes in like a “lamb”, it will go out like a “lion”.  This just says that if it’s a nice day the first of March, the last day will be stormy and unpleasant.  Hopefully this month will be nice even though it’s a beautiful day outside.  Is it different anywhere else?

I know I missed the Friday posting, but it’s Saturday, so close enough.

I’d like to continue with the current theme of late: Homosexuality in the United States and the choice of “coming out.”

Ellen Page is a wonderful actor and humanitarian and her actions were noteworthy of their eloquence and humility.  However, this post is going to focus on the responses to her speech at the Human Right Campaign Foundation’s “Time to Thrive” event on Valentine’s Day.

Media sites like Twitter and Tumblr expounded after Page announced that she was gay, on showing support and discussing the issue of someone having to “come out”.  One of the interesting aspects about being able to share information so quickly nowadays is that conclusions, arguments, and theories are processed so fast that it’s difficult to straighten out the worthwhile information from the chatter.

Even trusted news websites can get information wrong.  I’m always skeptical of a news article or theory that claims to have the know-all answer.  It’s been 5 minutes, slow down, and think, is all I want to shout.

What I ask now, just out of curiosity: Is it necessary or even right for someone who does not identify as heterosexual to “come out?”

Even though the emergence of a liberal culture has taken hold of the main media in the U.S. there seems to be trend in which in order to be accepted, one has to “come out.”  If one chooses not to announce a sexual orientation, does that mean the person is not being true to herself or himself?  The community needs just as many allies and advocates who understand that this is not an “us vs. them” issue.

I love the stage that this issue has been given.  The discussion, the opposition, and the awareness is so vital to change.   Nothing is permanent, and the sooner it is realized that the constructs of orientation have never been black and white, the better.  Believe it or not, but there is an entire spectrum of gender classifications.

The binary system of thought that is so popular in “Western” culture has proven to be harmful on many occasions.  Perhaps a common identifiable issue is that of women’s rights.  How should it come to be defined that women were not fit to think “like a man, act like a man, and experience emotion like a man.”  It is truly mind blowing that the standards we our taught to set ourselves against are unequal and biased.

The same applies to the popular idea of a gender binary.  In truth, there are far more gender classifications and identifications that culture and society have constructed.

The first step to overcoming the constructs that have been ingrained into the society, is having an open mind.  To understand that perhaps we don’t know everything.  That the solid base of our human existence is that we are not permanent, that our legacy to others is that of change, experience, and guidance.  With this, I’ll leave off until next week.

For more information please check out this website:  https://www.genderspectrum.org/understanding-gender

Or stay tuned for next week as we continue with the discussion of this important movement happening now!
Have a happy March everyone!  🙂


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