The Week Before Spring Break

Good Morning!  Today is the last day before the week before spring break.  Did that make any sense?  Who knows, the average amount of sleep I’ve managed to snatch has been something like 4 hours every night.

Why is it that the week preceding this immaculate liberation known as a “break,” teachers and professors have it in their minds to assign every event, project, and paper.  In order to maintain some type of sanity I’ve made a list.  This list looks like someone took the sheet of paper and decided to scrawl an aria of damnation on it.

I’m honestly scared to look at the list, because it has so many things on it.  However, that rather defeats the purpose of a list.  Thus, I’ve taken the opportunity to expel some of my fear here and have written another list…a list that I wish I had at the moment.

It would be so much easier to just give up and get some time to de-stress.

Things I would do more of, if I didn’t have the personality of an A-type anxiety college student:

1. Play the harp for 24 hours: I’ve just re-arranged the song ” A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri and I can’t wait to go practice it again.

2. Watch documentaries: re-imagining the world and seeing it in different lights makes me think about life in ways I never expected…sort of like “why am I here?” sort of deal.

3. Write blog posts more frequently:  If possible at all a post a week would keep the ideas fresh and definitely shorter.

4. Lip-sync badly to the Frozen soundtrack:  I think I’ve listened to so many covers of this song I aspire to arrange a harp piece for Let it Go.

5. Let it go! Let it goooo! And I’ll rise like the break of dawwwn! Sorry, it’s in my head now.

6. Find more opportunities to believe in humanity again:  There’s been a lot of negativity lately.  I understand it’s important to give attention to the problems.  However, if we give that kind of recognition, it’s important to reflect a vision of change and hope.

Have an excellent weekend guys and by next Friday I’ll be writing from a beach chair semi-carefree 🙂


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