Published in a Journal: A Continuation of Art

Here’s to another addition to 500 Days of Van Gogh!  Granted it has been a while since the last post regarding anything about Van Gogh’s work, yet, I can’t continue the art conversation without always raising the suggestion that art includes so much more than pictures and media.  It is ingenuity, hope, effort, and faith in the arising.  

The earnest process of Van Gogh’s work helps to illuminate the possibilities within all of us to change our lives and the lives of others for the better.  The better perhaps being just as complex as creating a work of art.  

That being said, I just got my first publication in a journal today!

Click here to see my submission: White Sky

Alright, while I acknowledge that the path of active publication isn’t my long term goal in life, the visual sensation of seeing your work in a literary presentation is pretty awesome.  For some reason, it felt as though being presented with a poem I had created added a new perspective to the creative process of writing.

I’ve had artwork presented in shows and competitions, however the nature of words and their meaning beyond the ink and spacing seems much more personal.  I am a quiet character by nature, so the vehicle of writing is a God-send for me to communicate my thoughts and feelings.

Often times, very quiet or sentimental people (official term: introverts) are criticized for not actively seeking out social engagement.  I don’t think that this type of preference is a negative attribute.  In some manners, the act of being alone to think or regain energy is similar to a type of mental and spiritual growth beneficial to all people.

This is not to say that the exchange of ideas and communication isn’t essential in life either.  However, the act of taking time to reflect and formulate individual opinions is also very essential in progressing in a certain project, situation, or in this case, a work of literature.

I offer no deep, personal explanation of this poem as the purpose of the White Sky (blank canvas, sheet of paper, the beginning) is a place to develop and challenge new ideas of your own.

…sporadic thoughts on life…



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