Harp Adventures

Played outside this weekend!

The weekly schedule of posting has created a flow of ideas.  It has been slowly bringing me closer to the present mindfulness of just how full my life really is.  I feel a certain gratitude for the richness of living life to the fullest and having the opportunity to do so.  I’ve decided to start a new series and let’s be honest it won’t be an every week type of deal.  However, the harp is a major influence in my daily life and it should come up often.

Music is one of the most beautiful forms of art we can make.  As a resonance of sounds and dynamics even the voice of someone we love can bring us to tears and back into the present and to ourselves.  I have adored the harp since I was young and will continue to learn and grow from the lessons it teaches me.

Enjoy Harp Adventures as I make my way from song to song, difficult situations to liberation, and some pretty hilarious moments of me being a total nerd about it all.




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