Summer: Maintaining Perspective

Summertime is upon us here in the northern hemisphere and it is great to have some time to relax, catch up on old shows, and make real home-cooked food.  It’s time to sweep aside the lingering fall branches and springtime allergies for, well…the summer allergies.  Removed from the constant bustle of university life, I find myself in a very awkward and threatening position.  Even though I don’t want to be a lazy bum for the entire three months of vacation, it would be so simple as to let the golden afternoons pass, encapsulated in a pocket of time until August arrives.

At university, I maintained a fairly active schedule.  There were probably two days out of the week that I had at least a solid block of two hours for myself.  However, now that I am halfway across the country for summer vacation, I feel myself sliding  back into an old-routine I had before I left.

As the weeks wear on like a rocking chair slowly falling backwards and then forwards, never fully realizing any certain ambition, I am beginning to understand that although one part of life may seem like an eternity, the next moment erases the past and one has to begin all over again.

Not that this is an utterly bad situation that I find myself in, but it’s not one that I’d like to continue. In the majority of acquaintance-like conversations, the lovely fellow students at university asked the standard question, “What are your plans for summer break?”

And I, like an idiot laid out an ambitious plan.  Sure! I have lots of things planned for summer.  I’m going to get a job, exercise, hang out with friends, read, write, and play music.  What have I accomplished so far?  In some respects all of them, but at the same time absolutely none of them.

I put in a couple applications for a jobs, I’ve done some socializing, read a book, and played the harp some.  However, none of these activities have been fully completed.  I’m not sure how to explain this, but it’s like all of my actions have been reasons that prevent me from actually doing anything.

Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish right from wrong, value and worthlessness, something and nothingness.  In most cases however, the dichotomy that life seems to present us is in fact nonexistent.  In my opinion (thus far), is that the effects that your everyday decisions have on life are based on a matter of perspective.  That is not to say that there is no such thing as good and bad, but it is the consequences which define the quality of our actions.

Actions and the present moment in and of themselves do not bear any qualities of assured success or failure.  A history of past decisions and errors have taught us that some actions will usually bear certain negative or positive consequences.  For example, touching a stove is seen as dangerous.   If the stove is not hot, there is nothing to fear.  However, if the stove is hot, at a young age unfortunately the majority of us have had the displeasure of discovering that one’s skin does not indeed fair well under extreme heat :p

Anyway, this summer I hope to maintain some of the perspective I’ve gained over the school year and hopefully pull myself out of this stagnated position and get some momentum going for the remaining time.  Time is an interesting nature of this reality.  It stops for no one, and yet it steals away the breaths that we take at every moment.

So as not to end this post on a dreary note: there is always an way to delight oneself, learn new aspects about the world, and an opportunity share some of the fantastic.


Stay safe and happy, but most of all enjoy the summer!



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