Hi Again…Getting Restarted

Looks like spring is almost here!

Hi again.  It’s been a while since I lasted posted something to this blog.  While I have missed writing and sharing, the time away has been much needed and necessary.

In the long absence I have since discovered new ways of thinking, perspectives, and opinions to which others hold fast.  It is no surprise that people often cannot see their own bias and stubbornness in believing that their way is the only true way.

To be able to doubt, to question, and to evaluate are perhaps some of the most valuable skills that one can have in determining how to live one’s life.  You might not agree with some people on certain issues, but the fact that you don’t agree does not give you the right to write that individual off as being “dissenting” and “wrong.”

In this country’s climate today, to do such a thing is to divide and “other” the people who are probably hurting just as much as “we” are.

Let me clarify here that this is not an angry rant about some personal encounter.  This is, perhaps, more of a preface to how this blog is going to be structured around the topics that I usually discuss such as: art, human rights, and poetry.  However, this blog is also going to include: current events, social justice issues, and an un-censored expression of my life.

To further illuminate this last point, I believe there is a fine line between what is defined as being cautious and inauthentic.  To this, I say that I have been quiet to the point of being fake.  Seeing as how the future is tied into the actions of the present, my public pledge is to be myself and to hopefully show others that it is okay to be that way, for not many are capable of doing so.

I hope Easter weekend went well for everyone and that no matter what religion or tradition you follow, that there is time for rest and reflection on the week.

Have a good day 🙂