Welcome. First impressions are the KEY to any type of relationship, or so they say (whoever “they” really are). This is why this blog is here, illuminated in teeny tiny pixels on your computer screen. To change, is a verb but, I’d like for us to use the verb as a noun; a viable object that can be wielded against the doors of natural human hesitation.

I’ve always been shy to the idea of talking about “taboo” topics.  The way I was taught to deal with such contradictions was to not think about them at all.  However, upon entering college, a vast diversity of ideals and realities, I was confronted the dilemma of being mute.

I had no words of my own to describe myself, no references to tell my story with, and no language to discuss social problems.  As I come into a new discovery of myself, I realize that one of the greatest gifts or “keys” we can give someone is the power of expression, the power of thought, and the power of possibility.

Through all these varying topics on this blog I hope to give people the opportunity to tell their own stories.

We are the KEY to minds, hearts, and the culture of our time. If you’re willing then so am I. There will be rough spots here and there where only stories, rants, metaphors, and moments of doubt can get us through. I’M READY.  ARE YOU?


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